Company Information

ACE was created by Aries TCO. Aries TCO who, is a unique software company established in 2006 by Paiman Allage and a group of accomplished industry technologists and business professionals. These individuals recognized the need for an improved technology approach to support how businesses are managed and developed. Their passion for Information Management, Process, and Quality Assurance, drove their innovation efforts to develop a technology solution framework which would be more aligned with today’s business culture and processes.

The result? A product line and methodology which represents a dramatic paradigm shift in software development and the enterprise business management space.

Our Motivation

In looking at today’s IT landscape, we found many great solutions, however there is not one “key technology”, or solution, that eliminates the burden of having to "baby sit" process and data; that empowers organizations with the ability to holistically view company operations in real-time; or that conforms to the processes and needs of the organization, as opposed to requiring organizational conformance to the technology.

It is for these reasons, that we founded Aries TCO and developed our current solutions and technology offerings. Our foundational platform, Siera, is a centralized information hub that links all of an organization’s information (sales, finance, inventory, marketing, etc.) together in real-time, thereby creating unparalleled analytics which may be used to successfully operate a business. We also created Automated Coding Expert(ACE), our rapid application development tool/robot programmer which delivers end-to-end solutions in a fraction of the time and cost of our competitors. Additionally, we’ve successfully created and launched a multitude of cutting edge technologies targeted toward Mobile Devices, Desktops, and/or Web platforms.